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Automated Text Analytics for Voice of Customer (VoC) data, chatbots, service desks, complaint handling, call center automation and early warning of issues.

Quick and Easy to Deploy, High-Impact, AI and Machine Learning for Text Analysis

(Unstructured Data + PrediCX) x Minimal Human Input

= Structured Data

PrediCX is a disruptive software product for automatically classifying data where there’s a lot of text. It uses machine learning to label concepts and minimises the human input required. It’s simple for anyone to set up and run, not just a data scientist.

What's Unique

Machine Learning for Text Data

Text analysis using the latest in machine learning and human-in-the-loop AI

Automated Predictive Analytics

Supercharge your analytical process for both data scientists and non-data scientists

Easy Implementation

Can be easily used and deployed via APIs, SaaS in the cloud or on-premise

We now have an early warning system aggregating Voice of the Customer and being able to action improvements along each part of the customer journey, both aggregated and customer-specific ‘Next Best Action’. Going forward this will allow us to get a much better handle on which topics impact CX both positively and negatively above and beyond just product quality. We can also use this to optimise the costs and service levels in customer services, by matching the resourcing levels more appropriately to demand.

Head of Customer Experience

We knew that we wanted to improve our process of customer interaction classification to aid our growth and we looked around for AI that could help.

We are delighted with the way that the software has enabled our processes to be dramatically improved and automated as well as all the unexpected benefits of cost reduction and a better handle on our customers. It has truly helped us to innovate more with less cost.

Quality Director

PrediCX is seriously hot off the press technology that has given us the level of insight we haven’t been able to extract before with text analytics, all in near real time.

We have been able to make improvements in our customer experience processes, turn complaints into positive advocacy and make savings by carrying out the analysis more efficiently.

Head of Customer Experience

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