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Decision-makers in every industry know how powerful predictive analytics can be to support and enhance their decisions. Until now, predictive analytics has required large budgets, long lead-times, multi-stakeholder engagement and a team of data scientists. Now you can:
Automate the majority of the analytical process – up to 85%
Deploy by business users as well as data scientists
Handle unstructured data including text
Run in the cloud

Hot Topic: Customer Satisfaction 2.0

3 steps to improving customer satisfaction with predictive analytics

PrediCX can provide the closed loop between customer satisfaction and organic sales. Make sure you are making the right customers happy at the right time, the right way.

Hot Topic: Warranty Classification

3 steps to automating your warranty classification with predictive analytics

WarrantyGuardian can automate up to 80% of your warranty classification and analysis. Transform heterogeneous data automatically, without the need for cleansing.

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