30 Jul

Warwick Analytics joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Warwick Analytics has joined EIT Digital’s Accelerator.

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics explains: “By joining the accelerator of EIT Digital we are going to benefit great support to help us reach new markets in Europe and also access a network of potential partners and support of growth outside our frontiers”

Data Scientists spend over 80% of their time preparing data for analysis. This increases costs of analysis and makes the results being out-of-date quickly.

Founded in London in 2011, Warwick Analytics has developed PrediCX, a text classification tool using proprietary machine learning algorithms which asks for minimal human input to maximise the performance of the machine learning models. The tool can be deployed by business users as well as data scientists and handles unstructured data including text.

The use cases are early warning and root cause of issues, as well as automation and harmonisation across different data silos. The benefits are significant increases in loyalty and satisfaction as well as reducing the costs and speed of service

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09 Jul

Warwick Analytics in the Press: Connections Magazine

Warwick Analytics has been featured as the cover story in the July/August issue of Connections Magazine – the premier call center magazine for the teleservices call center industry.

The article: AUTOMATION SUCCESS REQUIRES HUMAN INVOLVEMENT looks at how human in the loop machine learning technology is best introduced and how to get the right level of human intervention and at which point.

Automation of contact centers yields promise, although not without humans-in-the-loop to maintain its performance. There are many different flavors for human-in-the-loop AI automation. With new technology appearing, an optimized system is possible with a minimum number of humans who don’t need any data science skills. There is now no reason why the contact center of the future needs to look like those of the present. The same applies for the customer experience too.

You can read the full article here. 

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06 Jul

Warwick Analytics in Global App Analytics Market Report

Warwick Analytics has been included in the latest MarketsandMarkets App Analytics Market – Global Forecast to 2023.

CEO at Warwick Analytics commented in the report: “The app analytics market is growing strongly but faces inhibiting factors that could slow it down. The main one is information overload, i.e., humans not knowing how to use the analytics to take decisions. The way to resolve this is to use AI on the unstructured data alongside the structured data to contextualize analytics to recommend actions.”

Executive Summary
The app analytics market is at its nascent stage and is gaining traction owing to deeper smartphone
penetration and growing number of mobile app users. The market is primarily categorized into 2 types,
namely mobile analytics and web analytics. The mobile analytics software segment dominates the global
app analytics market. Organizations integrate app analytics software into their applications to monitor the
users, revenue, app performance, and ad monitoring and marketing. With these applications, organizations
are focusing on increasing revenues from their business.

A user analytics solution includes user behavior analytics (app buttons clicked, app ads clicked, articles
read, or screens viewed), visitor analytics (location, gender, age, and language of the user, whether the
user is new or old, type of device, operating system, and manufacturer of device), user experience analytics
(to identify popular business flows in the app, usage, and user journey across web, mobile, and wearable
devices), use heatmaps to view performance, problems, popular app screens, and usage data.
The app performance analytics includes cross platform comparison analytics (to analyze how the app is
functioning on different platforms), carrier latency, Application Programming Interface (API) latency, and
uptime, crashes, exceptions, errors, and data transactions of app. The advertising and marketing analytics
includes tracking the viewership of app content, tracking the latest app installs, registrations, shares,
invites, and in-app ads. The revenue analytics includes in-app payments and in-app purchases.
The global app analytics market is divided into 5 main regions: North America, Europe, APAC, MEA, and
Latin America. North America has witnessed the significant adoption and is expected to grow at the CAGR
of XX% during the forecast period, mainly due to technological advancements and recent developments
pertaining to the market. Companies in the region have been involved in partnerships, acquisitions, and
new product developments which are mentioned in the company profiles section in detail. APAC, on the
other hand, is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of XX%, owing to the rapidly growing number of
smartphone users and mobile app downloads in major APAC countries, such as China, India, Japan, and
Australia, and the rapid development of IT infrastructure and the adoption of new technologies in 2016
and 2017.

The app analytics market is divided into various verticals, such as BFSI; retail; media and entertainment;
logistics, travel, transportation, and hospitality; telecom and IT; and others (education, energy and utilities,
and manufacturing). The BFSI vertical is expected to hold the largest market size; however, the telecom
and IT vertical is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.
Increasing use of apps for mobile advertising, implementation of digital strategies, deeper smartphone
penetration, and growing number of mobile and web apps, and smartphone and internet users are the
major factors driving the growth of the market. However, privacy concerns may restrain the growth of the

Major market players, such as Google Inc. (Google), Yahoo Inc. (Yahoo), Amazon.com, Inc. (Amazon), Adobe
Systems Incorporated (Adobe), International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Segment, appScatter,
TUNE, Inc. (TUNE), AppDynamics, Appsee, ContentSquare, Countly, Swrve Inc.(Swrve), Amplitude,
Localytics, AppsFlyer, Heap Inc., adjust Inc. (adjust), MOENGAGE, App Annie, Apptentive, Taplytics, Inc.
(Taplytics), CleverTap have been leading in offering app analytics software and services to their commercial
clients across regions.

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05 Jul

Warwick Analytics in the Press: Elite Business Magazine

The latest chatbots research from Warwick Analytics has been featured in the latest issue of Elite Business Magazine.

The research shows that most chatbots are disappointing their business owners in terms of functionality and output.

Elite Business is a really cool publication that provides fresh perspectives and representing disruptive solutions. They focus on the startups and SMEs that are spearheading Britain forward. From tech unicorns to entrepreneurs transforming healthcare with AI, we cover the movers and shakers making enterprising exciting.

You can register for free to read the online issues here.


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