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It’s Time to automate your Warranty Processes. WarrantyGuardian. Next Generation Warranty Analytics.

WarrantyGuardian can automate up to 80% of your warranty classification and analysis. Make sure you know that you are making the RIGHT decisions at the RIGHT time by the RIGHT actions and priorities.

It’s simple with our 3 step process:


Automatically cluster Warranty data from ALL sources, including dealerships, engineer logs, CRM, complaints, social media etc.


Predict which issues will have the most impact on sales and accurately predict the level of impact.


Prescriptive analytics provides business rules which obviate or mitigate issues, and prioritize which issues to resolve in terms of impact.

Start predicting today!

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  3. Case study: Automotive manufacturer uses WAC to automatically classify warranty claims

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3 Steps to Automated Warranty 4.0
AUTOMATED ANALYTICS: Turning Predictive Analytics from a Project into a Product
Automotive manufacturer uses WAC to automatically classify warranty claims

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