01 Apr

Webinar: How leading organisations are responding to the impact of coronavirus


WEBINAR: 14:00pm – 14:40pm     |     Thursday 9th April      |   REGISTER HERE


The coronavirus outbreak has had an unprecedented impact on organisations, their operations and the management of workforces. With some needing to respond to substantially increased demand and others facing a situation where customer demand has virtually stopped, the extremes of the impact are clear. When combined with the natural uncertainty and anxiety that everyone will have, this has created a scenario that has never been faced in modern times.

Our partner Ember is seeing this unfold and helping support our customers respond to this crisis. We have been inspired by the effort, innovation, commitment and resilience being shown as teams rally around, often for the first time, to get things done; and in response, adapt their support for customers and their teams.

This event is designed to share our experience, which we are seeing across the market. The webinar will be hosted Mike Havard, Chairman of Ember Group and Carolyn Blunt, Director of Learning Solutions who will share examples and learnings from the market on how organisations are adapting their operating model, establishing new ways of working, innovating by using digital and automation technologies, and critically, preparing to operate differently for an as-yet-uncertain future.

We’d love to have you join us in this event and share your own experiences, as this is one of the ways we can all help each other to get through this crisis. The webinar is being held on 9th April at 2pm (GMT), and all you need to do to register is click on the link below.


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25 Mar

Warwick Analytics launch Zendesk app for automated classification of tickets

Warwick Analytics has launched an app for Zendesk users that applies automated classification and tagging for support tickets.

The ‘PrediCX’ app can be downloaded from the Zendesk app store.

Through the app Warwick Analytics will apply its Machine Learning-based interaction analytics to unstructured customer data within support tickets whether they come via chat, web forms or email.

The full topics, sentiment and emotional intents of the contact will be automatically analysed and classified, accurately in near real time. This saves the call center or helpdesk having to classify each ticket manually, or using keyword classification which can be inaccurate.

Users will be able to set alerts for the early warnings of issues and complaints so they can be triaged, and where necessary prioritised and escalated fast. This means that an issue that could otherwise become a brand-affecting event, such as a serious customer issue that might otherwise end up on social media, can be dealt with by the right person at the right time.

The PrediCX app also features Multi-label Capability which means it can identify and classify multiple topics, sentiments and intents within a single piece of customer feedback, something that is often missed with human or generic ML classification.

Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics adds: “With the new app Zendesk users can analyse customer interactions across all customer touch-points, and use the insight to define and optimise support strategies. Helpdesks will be able to improve the speed of resolution, provide more relevant responses and streamline their chat optimisation process.”

Lee Mostari, Director of Insights & Analytics at Ember, a partner of Warwick Analytics, adds: “The world is becoming faster-moving with consumers demanding quicker service and more transparency than ever before. This Zendesk App enables brands to deal with the right queries in the right order and optimise the customer experience. Not only does this optimise customer operations, but it helps to protect and maintain the brand as well to enhance customer advocates and minimise customer detraction which from digital customers can both quickly amplify on social media.”

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04 Mar

Download your free copy of Supermarket Social Christmas Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the Supermarket Social report series, focussing on the 2019 Christmas period. The analysis within the report is brought to you in conjunction with our partners Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB)

In this edition we discuss some of the trends uncovered from Twitter during the Christmas 2019 trading period (15th November 2019 – 15th January 2020) pertaining to the big six UK Grocery retailers : Asda, Coop, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose.

Using the Warwick Analytics PrediCX engine, Twitter chatter mentioning the above retailers was labelled and categorised, enabling S4RB to apply their Own Brand industry expertise to identify several key themes in the market including: Meat-free Meat-free products continue to grow in popularity, Christmas-online The Christmas online shop is a key battleground and Tracking Tracking competitors can avoid product incidents.

Download your free copy of Supermarket Social Christmas Edition here.

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13 Feb

Warwick Analytics announces partnership with LucidCX

AI provider Warwick Analytics and LucidCX, the post-sale support specialists, have today announced their partnership.

Warwick Analytics applies its AI interaction analytics to unstructured customer data from contact centres and channels such as chat, call transcripts and customer feedback.

With the analytics, LucidCX are able to rapidly build accurate, actionable models that can be applied to incoming customer data for its clients in real time. The software will help further automate the range of solutions and enrich the customer insight that LucidCX already provides.

The range of post-sale support services provided by LucidCX include interactive knowledge libraries, product simulations, trouble shooters, returns and repairs avoidance and diagnostics. By deepening their understanding on customer behaviour and device issues, they will be able to enhance the customer experience further to improve FCR and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, LucidCX use the AI models to automatically identify customer intent, root causes of churn, customer effort, emotions, sentiment and early warning of issues to enable clients to enhance their own products and services.

Matt Dyson of LucidCX said: “There’s a lot of text analytics and insight tools out there. With Warwick Analytics, we were blown away by how easy and quick it was to build bespoke, tuned machine learning models on customer interactions, on a dynamic basis. This now enables us to tune our own solutions quicker, but now to offer levels of real-time insight to and for our clients that they’ve not had before”

Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics adds: “We are delighted to be partnering with LucidCX. They are the leaders in their field working with highly complex, detailed and granular information. Our shared clients face a rapidly evolving market and a constantly changing voice of the customer to address. Their clients rely on LucidCX’s expertise to identify and help resolve issues to optimise the customer experience

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06 Aug

New partnership helps Ember enhance omnichannel analytics offer

Agreement with Warwick Analytics adds powerful machine learning/AI capability to existing solution


Customer experience specialist, Ember, has enriched its analytics capability through a new partnership with Warwick Analytics.


The partnership means that the Warwick Analytics’ PrediCX solution, which applies machine learning to accelerate gathering insights using text analytics, can be used by Ember in analytics work.


Best-in-class text analytics built on AI

The algorithms at the heart of PrediCX were developed from over a decade of research at Warwick University. Once a few example records of a concept used in web chats, email or social media is coded into PrediCX, the software identifies the other records with similar concepts even if they have different words or phrases in the text – meaning an entire lexicon of relevant search terms is built far faster than if it relied purely on manual coding.


“We already have a number of excellent relationships with leading speech analytics vendors, but we wanted to strengthen our analytics offer for other channels”, says Lee Mostari, Director of Insights and Analytics at Ember. “We examined the market and quickly concluded that Warwick Analytics had the most powerful and accurate solution for text analytics, so we’re delighted to have signed a full partnership agreement with them.”


Delivering insights for a major media company

The partnership has already borne fruit, as a major media company has asked Ember and Warwick Analytics to gather insights from its web chat. There are two distinct strands to the project: analysing technical support requests, with a view to identifying actionable improvements to the customer experience, and categorising other web chats, to help the media company understand the reasons customers make contact. In the longer term, that understanding will help shape a broader customer contact strategy.


This first project will be delivered as an advisory consulting service, with Ember and Warwick Analytics teams working together to provide the client a range of insights. However, the partnership allows Ember to offer PrediCX in different ways: as an ongoing managed service for one-off projects or as an installed and configured software tool that forms part of a wider analytics suite.


By working with Ember, we’re able to reach out to their broad customer base” says Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics. “In particular, the managed service element is something we see as different in the market.  Ember’s experience delivering analytics as a service means that clients will be able to benefit from PrediCX far more quickly and without the capital investment.”


Technology transparent

The addition of PrediCX to Ember’s analytics portfolio maintains the company’s technology transparent approach – giving clients open access to recommended analytics solutions, while continuing to support and work with any existing platforms that clients already have. “Our goal is to help all our clients make best use of analytics across all channels and all platforms to improve their customer insight and experience,” Mostari concludes. “PrediCX will definitely help us accelerate the process of gaining insight from the written word – across social, email and web chat.”

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18 Jul

S4RB use PrediCX from Warwick Analytics to bring you Supermarket Social

Welcome to this Supermarket Social Twitter analysis brought to you by Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) and Warwick Analytics.

In this report we uncover and discuss some of the trends from across Twitter relating to the big six UK Grocery retailers.

S4RB has integrated the Warwick Analytics PrediCX engine into the S4RB Affinity™ platform and created a retail grocery specific model designed to look beyond keywords and use advanced machine learning to identify emotion and intent.

Twitter chatter mentioning the above retailers was labelled and categorised resulting in the identification of several key themes in the market.

This report covers each of those themes and pulls out previously hidden insights, which could be actioned by the retailer to bring about positive changes and demonstrate the added value of this next generation concept analysis.

You can access the full report for free at S4RB here

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09 Jul

Blackfinch Ventures Invests in AI-based Text Analytics Start-up Warwick Analytics

Blackfinch Ventures has invested £700,000 in innovative tech start-up Warwick Analytics. Founded in 2011, this London-based firm is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based data spin-out from the University of Warwick. Warwick Analytics delivers powerful text analytics for contact centres based on proprietary machine learning.

Getting accurate, meaningful information from unstructured datasets such as customer reviews can be a challenging prospect. However, Warwick Analytics has achieved this by using AI technology not only to identify and label topics and concepts, but also to account for the subtleties of sentiment and context, heralding a major development in text analysis.

This will help contact centres and service providers gain more accurate customer insights and see flagged issues before they escalate, enabling them to implement solutions sooner.

For example, a large travel operator recently applied the technology from Warwick Analytics to its incoming customer data.  It improved customer satisfaction by 18% and reduced its Average Handling Time by 8%, all within a few weeks.

Richard Cook, CEO and Founder, Blackfinch, said: “The platform’s ability to analyse customer sentiment is impressive.  We’re delighted to invest at this crucial stage in the company’s development.”

Warwick Analytics is on a mission to make machine learning easy, accurate and omnipresent. It is working with leading global brands across hospitality, retail, finance and telecommunication industries to automate processes and advance the deployment of AI.

Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics, said: “As we move the proposition forward, we need larger institutions with deeper pockets and richer networks. Blackfinch really understands where we are in our lifecycle and has the financial clout, expertise and connections to help take us to the next level.”

Blackfinch Ventures provides investment to innovative technology start-ups. The team applies its extensive experience and broad network of relationships to deliver end-to-end support for companies, throughout the investment process and beyond. It works with founders over the long term, developing businesses that can transform some of the biggest markets in the world.

Dr Reuben Wilcock, Ventures Director at Blackfinch, said: “We were highly impressed with the experienced and dedicated team at Warwick Analytics and are looking forward to being part of its rapid growth and market expansion in the future.”

Blackfinch Ventures is a specialist in Enterprise Investment Schemes, recognised for structured risk mitigation, robust processes and adaptation to legislative change. Blackfinch Ventures continues to enable investment in fast-growing UK companies and is looking to expand its portfolio and invest in further firms.

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08 Jan

Warwick Analytics become an AWS Partner

Warwick Analytics has successfully completed the AWS Partner Network (APN) upgrade process.

The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program for AWS. It is focused on helping APN Partners build successful AWS-based businesses or solutions by providing business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support.

Why Work with an APN Partner?

APN Partners are focused on your success, helping customers take full advantage of all the business benefits that AWS has to offer. With their deep expertise on AWS, APN Partners are uniquely positioned to help your company at any stage of your Cloud Adoption Journey and to help you achieve your business objectives.

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics says: “We are delighted to become an official AWS Partner, providing software solutions that are either hosted on, or integrated with, the AWS platform.”

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25 Sep

Warwick Analytics launch disruptive new AI Text Analytics

Warwick Analytics has launched a disruptive new approach to text analytics. ‘MaaS’ (Models-as-a-Service) is a quick, easy and low-cost way to apply AI to text to get powerful automated insight.

MaaS provides a shortcut to getting started with text analytics AI. Existing models are provided for specific industries and use cases which can be fine-tuned or used standalone.

Until now ‘AI-based Text Analytics’, the use of machine learning to classify text, has been cited as an expensive solution requiring data scientists to craft bespoke models for datasets.

Warwick Analytics is best known for its AI text platform PrediCX that can generate accurate machine learning models without the need for a data scientist. It is this ‘human-in-the-loop’ technology that has enabled them to create MaaS, a disruptively low-cost AI solution. For as little as a few hundred dollars per month, a model can generate predictive insight that other analytics costing ten times the price can’t deliver.

Models are available across multiple industries such as restaurants, hotels, leisure, banking, insurance, retail, ecommerce, CPG, transportation, manufacturing, utilities and healthcare. Use cases for each industry range from identifying root causes of churn and loyalty, predicting sales of new products, predicting marketing effectiveness, finding root causes of brand equity, as well as automation use cases for CRM and helpdesks. The datasets can vary too from social media posts and reviews to surveys and CRM notes and contacts.

Warwick Analytics will continue to expand the range of models and is happy to ‘build for free’ for new customers who have new challenges or datasets.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of MaaS, Warwick applied it to publicly available data in different industries to identify key insight and savings. In one example MaaS found one leading UK telco (O2) could automate 45% of the Tweets, chats and direct messages into its contact center, as well as identifying easily-addressable root causes of churn and customer purchase difficulties worth millions of pounds per year. In another example MaaS looked at addressable root causes of churn for Expedia and the savings were estimated at over $5m per year. When looking at TripAdvisor reviews for TGI Fridays churn and loyalty root causes, not previously found by one of the other leading text analytics provider, were identified. The number of churners identified was 10 times higher with a much higher precision rate of 88% versus 54%.

Dan Somers, the CEO of Warwick Analytics comments: “We are delighted to launch MaaS. Not only is it exciting to bring tangible financial benefits to customers with actionable analytics and automation, but it is a privilege to help disrupt the market in a positive way, removing some of the ivory towers of data science and smashing some of the myths and claims. Democratizing data science means that data scientists still do the ultra-cool stuff and get the credit they deserve, whilst for everyone else in both large enterprise and smaller companies, they get transparent, powerful, cost-effective tools to make their businesses customers happier and their businesses more profitable.”

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12 Apr

Warwick Analytics research finds human-in-the-loop validation critical for chatbot owners

Our independent survey of over 500 chatbot owners and developers reveals the majority are not satisfied with the performance of their chatbots and say human validation is key.

New research from text analytics specialists Warwick Analytics shows that 59% of businesses who have a chatbot are unsatisfied with its performance.

551 professionals involved in the development or management of chatbots were surveyed by Warwick Analytics.

When discussing the technical challenges respondents faced trying to improve their own chatbots, the most common issues were improving containment rates (90%), reducing errors (83%), and developing the responses for the chatbot (79%).

More significantly, an overwhelming 93% believed that human validation and/or curation was important to maintain and improve the performance of their chatbots.

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics says: “Achieving the right level of human-in-the-loop input is key for chatbot owners and managers. Human validation is required for accuracy and improvement but if too much is required then a business may as well have a human service desk. It’s all about finding the right technology that minimises the human intervention required but still increases accuracy. Our software PrediCX does exactly that.”

In addition, 21% of respondents who were yet to deploy a chatbot said it was because the performance of chatbots wasn’t acceptable in their opinion.

Warwick Analytics provides machine learning technology to help maintain and improve chatbots using a human-in-the-loop platform called PrediCX accessible via an API.


Download the full report for free here

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