Churn Booster Pack

Reduce by churn up to 20% within 14 Days.

No-one likes customer churn, not least the customer. You lose them and they will not assist your advocacy afterwards. Some churn is inevitable – you can’t please all of the people etc. However there are things you can do within the contact center to optimize your churn levels.

The Churn Booster Pack generates bespoke, tuned models rapidly from scratch and allows you to identify the real drivers of churn through automated classification of sentiment, emotional intent, and highly-detailed topics, in real time.

It does not use the human-labelled disposition codes which are often unreliable and inconsistent.

Furthermore, it can distinguish which issues are brand or product issues and which are customer services related to enable you to take the appropriate actions in the appropriate order of ease and impact.

Moreover on digital channels, these models can be used to label the incoming issues for digital channels to generate templates and advise the agent of the next best action to obviate churn.


20% Reduction
Sentiment Analysis
Brand/Product Issues
Early Warning

Guaranteed Results in 2 weeks!

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