CSat / NPS Booster Pack

Increase CSat by up to 20% within 14 Days.

CSat measures such as NPS are key metrics to understand customer satisfaction. However, trying to increase this often relies on solicited customer surveys, and trying to discern the verbatims, making it hard to get to the root causes of dissatisfaction or what to do.

The NPS Booster Pack generates bespoke, tuned models rapidly from scratch and allows you to identify
the real drivers of CSat through automated classification of sentiment, emotional intent, and highly-detailed topics, in real time.

It does not use the human-labelled disposition codes which are often unreliable and inconsistent.
Furthermore, it can identify which agents drive increased satisfaction, which topics need more attention, and inform business process changes through clear, actionable insight. All of this – without having to send a survey!


Real NPS
Agent Training
Root Cause
Cross Channel

Guaranteed Results in 2 weeks!

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