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Demo Gallery

Want to see our software in action? We have developed a series of demonstrations that are industry/use case specific. Simply click on the demo you are interested in, fill out the short form and one of our team will be in touch to set up your personal demo.

Root Cause Analysis of Issues Demo

SigmaGuardian is Warwick Analytics’ core solution that can take all of your disparate, heterogenous data sets; without the need to cleanse any data, and produce multiple solutions to quality issues in a real-time fashion. Finding root cause analysis to NFF issues and quality/yield issues will dramatically optimise your processes and deliver real returns to the business with minimal fuss; effort and expense that would otherwise be required by other more ‘traditional’ methods and solutions.

Customer Recommendation Engine

PrediCX is a revolutionary new system that allows marketers, retailers, online sales and customer experience professionals to finally understand their customers’ journeys in terms of identifying how to optimise up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, the subsection of leads a sales team should actually focus on – and why, as well as understand the ‘unknown unknowns’ that’s represented in the multitude of customer audiences that drives sales each day.

Predictive Maintenance Demo

MaintenanceGuardian is the first comprehensive automated, predictive software suite that optimises scheduling of corrective maintenance and prevent unexpected equipment failures. For any asset; from aircraft to vehicles, to oil refineries and factories.

Automatic Warranty Classification

WarrantyGuardian is the first fully automated solution to classify warranty returns and understand the initial root cause of failure no matter which industry you work manufacture in.

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