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Reviewed 3 days ago

Good wholesome food

Enjoyable meal. Would certainly dine here again.The staff were helpful and the surroundings pleasant. Good healthy, wholesome food and a good size meal.

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Reviewed 2 days ago


Visited Angus Steakhouse for dinner. It was very busy. I ordered steak: tasty. Service was good, if a bit slow - but they were busy. While quality of food was good, prices were a bit expensive

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Reviewed 3 days ago

Great food service is not what you go for

Best restaurant in China town !!A firm favourite of mine the look of the restaurant not like the swanky London style you would expect when you arrive the restaurant the waiters say how many and shout upstairs or downstairs .As it's on many levels the service is awful to be honest they are rude and sharp but the food is well worth it the traditional Chinese restaurant feel there was a queue out the door which shows how popular it is .The food is great with an wonderful menu full of traditional food we ordered quite a few dishes including chicken and sweet corn soup with is my favourite and is great for kids .Beef in black bean was awesome and the great spice balance .The price is great and their and value for money it is cash only and the Drinks menu is limited Onhestly the service isn't great but the food is the best Chinese you can find in London !!

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