FCR Booster Pack

Improve FCR with a reduction of 25 to 50% of repeat issues within a 14 Days.

Repeat issues are a double whammy for your contact center: They typically generate 10% to 20% extra demand and there’s no bigger CSat killer than customers having to repeatedly contact just to ask the same question.

Agent misunderstanding and lack of knowledge, poor self-serve options, and failure to address root cause can all lead to frustrating repeat calls, with no answer in sight. Self-serve options, too often don’t out-perform humans, and this only leads to increased contact and an already-damaged FCR.

The FCR Booster will generate bespoke, tuned models rapidly from scratch and allows you to identify the real drivers of repeat issues through automated classification of sentiment, emotional intent, and highly-detailed topics, in real time.

It classifies where issues were not understood by the customer, where the customer mentioned that the previous agents failed in some way or disappeared, and identifies the root cause of topics and agent knowledge and conduct.

This can be rectified with simple training and knowledge base improvements to allow the agent to recommend the next best action. This will also allow marked improvement of self-serve, increasing FCR there and reducing your costs too.

Typical improvements in FCR are a reduction 25 to 50% of repeat issues within a couple of weeks.


Repeat Issue Reduction
Self-Serve Improvement
Increase CSat
Agent Training

Guaranteed Results in 2 weeks!

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