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Making insight in Financial Services a breeze.

Data can provide a wealth of information and insight. The problem is finding it. Over 80% of data are unstructured and even structured data are typically disparate and inaccurate. Our software solves these problems by automatically converting unstructured data to structured information.

Market Insight

Predicting micro and macroeconomic events that drive stock price movement, from reports, news and social media.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline processes by understanding the causes of bottlenecks and breaches from analysing workflow and emails.

Customer Insight

Predict customer behaviours and dynamic segmentation from emails, telephone, IM and CRM. Understand the factors which drive profitability and satisfaction.

Data Remediation

Automatically cleaning data and structuring unstructured data into useful, easily analysable data.

Risk Management

Analyse unstructured customer data (e.g. CRM, emails, social media), and combine with structured data, to provide more accurate customer classifications, segmentation and predictions.

Fraud Detection

Real-time warning system for possible fraudulent activities based on client activity data.

For business users

  • Data mine and analyse datasets previously inaccessible
  • Improve the accuracy and richness of predictive analytics insights
  • Have dynamic predictive analytics and adjust to new data without bespoke modelling

For data scientists

  • Avoid writing bespoke parsers
  • Avoid laborious but skilled modelling and transformation between datasets
  • Avoid making assumptions or hypotheses about modelling
  • Avoid missing some subtle insight buried within in the data

For IT personnel

  • Validate data and improving data quality on-the-fly
  • Reduce IT spend on IT consultancy,bespoke development and inflexible middleware
  • Store the right amount of data, i.e. once IR has been run, irrelevant data can be safely de-prioritised and excluded


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