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Even leading manufacturers utilising the most sophisticated quality techniques may still be losing up to 30% of their product sales value through the Cost of Poor Quality (“COPQ”)*, a figure substantially more than their profits. COPQ is one of the largest cost items in the industry. Everyone sees the high-profile recalls but this is just the tip of the financial iceberg. It manifests as yield failures and warranty faults and every year it costs manufacturers over a trillion dollars a year in warranty costs, yields and rework. This excludes non-warranty service costs such as maintenance and servicing and of course environmental waste, slow launch times and safety issues.

Our software allows automotive engineers to do their job faster and more efficiently with enhanced product quality. Engineers and maintenance personnel no longer have to get bogged down resolving issues or delaying product launches. Issues are resolved on-the-fly allowing the company to be more agile and cost-effective. You can also automate your predictive/preventative maintenance.

Reduce your fault resolution cycle from 250 days by detecting issues earlier in the warranty process.

Quality & Yield

– Resolves root cause analysis for faults and defects

– Warranty and inside factory/yield

– Suitable for discrete and continuous manufacturing

– Optimized for best cost fix

Service & Maintenance

Improve the availability and safety of your products and automate predictive/preventative maintenance.

– Reduce your fault lifecylce by detecting issues earlier with our Early Warning System

– Optimizes maintenance scheduling based on root causes analysis and prognostic indicators

– Predictive and preventative maintenance planning

– Precise fix optimizes for lowest cost rather than scheduled or workaround ‘swap-outs’

Lean & Scheduling

Enhance your existing lean activities and create additional areas of improvement by pin pointing faults that are hidden to the human process.

– Optimise scheduling for production so that it is leanest/lowest cost/quickest

– Reduce inventory, working capital and wastage

Energy & Utilities

Maximise the efficiency of your plant or production line by locating the faults that slow your processes down and create too much waste.

– Reduce energy and utility bills

– Reduce environmental impact

– Maintain production and quality levels whilst optimizing efficiency

Early Warning & Prevention

Our software can act as an early warning and prevention system,  preventing defective products from being produced and predicting when and how products in the field (such as aircraft or vehicles) require maintaining. The output, from the analysis will be markers that identify either an exact root cause of failure or a region with a high probability of failure. From identifying these fault regions, engineers can work out corrective actions such as remanufacture, redesigning the product or to specify precisely the products in the field which require corrective action, and the lowest fix, without having to recall the entire fleet or batch, or implement an expensive workaround.

Automated Predictive Maintenance

Our analytics can also improve the availability and safety of products and aid predictive/preventative maintenance over the entire product life cycle, not just the yield and warranty periods. Decisions can be taken to interpret and prioritise issues, work with engineering to figure root causes, reduce fraud and error with dealers and resellers, and use the feedback to improve the customer experience. Optimize scheduling of corrective maintenance and prevent unexpected equipment failures.

Automated Warranty Classification

Automatically classify warranty issues in real-time as they come in, vastly reducing the time taken to manually classify and quantify free-text maintenance & repair data. Above a chosen threshold confidence interval it will automatically input the new code, and between other thresholds it can recommend the most likely codes for the engineers and quality personnel to assign, dramatically reducing the manual input required. The core machine-learning algorithm learns on-the-job and also flags exceptions for training and validation so that it improves and adjusts over time whilst minimising false positives.

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