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The big data revolution has meant that there are nuggets of customer data everywhere: CRM data, reviews, engineer logs, complaints, enquiries, surveys, social media etc. The ability to be able to harvest and analyse these to provide actionable insight is a holy grail for marketers and customer services executives.

Our software is a non-statistical based technology that will structure and automatically classify any type of data, in real-time, to produce tangible call to actions on how to improve, monitor and be pro-active with your customers’ journeys and improve your customer interactions.

Data transformation

Create insight and actionable solutions from unstructured and incomplete data such as emails, text, call centres, surveys, social media, review websites, all in real time.

Up sell

Real-time feedback to call centre staff to maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities while on a conversation with a customer.

Customer journey

Understand the customer journey and how events impact the journey both positively and negatively – real-time monitoring solution to flag impactful events before they even happen.


Predictive analytics to prevent unnecessary actions in a customer journey (e.g. unnecessary engineer call-out) to maximise profitability and reduce customer churn.

Root cause analysis

Get root cause analysis of why things are being said as well as receive actionable solutions to either solve for negative sentiments or perpetuate positive sentiments.

Trolls & review farms

Automatic detection of ‘reviews farms’ and Trolls on online channels.


Identify changing customer requirements. Generate predictors and actions for specific customers, mitigate profitable customers churning and prioritise the most effective actions.

E-commerce optimization

Optimize online customer journeys, basket optimization, shopping trends, social media and much more.

Growing need for big data analytics

The industry is facing the most fundamental shift in shopper behaviour in >50 years, driving a growing need for big data analytics. Management teams
need to understand:

  • How this new and constantly evolving data ecosystem ‘works’
  • What are the direct and indirect causes of value creation/erosion
  • How to make better quality decisions concerning the allocation of resources
  • How to regain the initiative and leverage change, rather than being driven by it

Complexity & diversity

Much of the most valuable data residing within this ecosystem is ‘messy’, unstructured or incomplete. In the ‘always on’ digital age, you need to understand mobile, email, search, web based media consumption (all devices), digital TV, home shopping, ‘click & collect’, real time/location based messaging and promotion, social media, views, shares, downloads, click stream data, tagging; eCRM ‘receives’ and real-time, natural language feedback.

Our key capabilities

  • Include ‘dirty’, incomplete or unstructured data
  • Assimilate new internal or third party data sources as they become available
  • Include, categorise, process and understand unstructured natural human language data (e.g. social media, call centre and customer service data) since these also directly relate to what your shoppers/ customers feel, think and do


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