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Our software has been developed to improve the maintenance and safety of major infrastructure, vehicles, trains or planes. We can accurately predict the capacity and utilisation of your services and routes and work with complex and enriched with external/unstructured data sources.


Accurately set prices far in advance with the confidence you will gain the right profit margins when the time comes.

Improve capacity

Factor in external/unstructured data to accurately forecast the capacity and usage of existing and future projects.

Root cause analysis

Benefit from the accurate prediction and prevention of issues and faults.

Customer segmentation

Enable dynamic customer segmentation and customer profiling to ensure you get the right products to the right audience.

Reduce costs

Predict ‘life cycle’ costs of existing and future investments.

Predictive Maintenance

Look ahead hours, days and months so you can anticipate key maintenance issues and reduce downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Our analytics can also improve the availability and safety of products and aid predictive/preventative maintenance over the entire product life cycle of a fleet. Decisions can be taken to interpret and prioritise issues, work with engineering to figure root causes, reduce the number breakdowns, and use the feedback to improve the customer experience. Optimize scheduling of corrective maintenance and prevent unexpected equipment failures.

Improve your customers experience

✔ Automatically structure all free text information from multiple channels and understand what is being said in real-time.
✔ Get root cause analysis of why things are being said as well as receive actionable solutions to either solve for negative sentiments or perpetuate
positive sentiments.
✔ Understand the customer journey and how events impact the journey both positively and negatively – offering predictive analysis for management to prevent further repeats and a real-time monitoring solution to flag impactful events before they even happen.
✔ Get real-time feedback to call centre staff to maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities while on a conversation with a customer.

Improve profitability

Increased revenue protection through a better understand of your customers. More accurate customer segmentation, optimized basket spend through better targeting of products and support products, website optimization through improving your customers overall experience and reduced abandonments…plus much more.

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