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Energy & Utilities

Predictive and preventative maintenance of complex & remotely-located assets. Find & fix the root causes of issues including drilling and resource prospecting.

Health & Safety Prioritisation

Maintain and further increase your safety record through analysis covering past incident reporting. Let our solution provide predictive analysis to enable you to mitigate future safety risks before they even develop.

Production Efficiency Improvement

Increase the use of existing datasets related to production across your business, to review historic events, eliminate future loss and reduce inefficiencies. Gives insight to help strategic decisions about future efficiency improvements with increased ease and confidence.

Integrated Oil Field Planning

Streamline decisions and prioritise with increased confidence around drilling scheduling, workover programmes and more, through the analysis of past work execution; drawing from data across multiple sources.

Unplanned Maintenance, Defect Elimination and Failure Probability

Integrate real time structured sensor data from onshore/offshore facilities with unstructured maintenance reports to predict future failures whilst simultaneously finding solutions to reoccurring faults across your upstream and downstream assets. All in real time.

Downstream Retail Purchasing Trends

Predict customer behaviours and dynamic segmentation from emails, telephone, IM and CRM systems tracking sales. Understand the factors which drive profitability and satisfaction from the forecourts, pumps and beyond.

The growing need for new, data driven approaches in Oil & Gas

The industry is facing the most fundamental shift in business operations seen in the last 40 years. The market is oversupplied, the cost of exploration and production is at peak levels with limited outlook for oil price growth in the near term. New ways of capitalising on existing data assets in a cost effective manner can help management teams globally to understand:
››How to make better quality decision concerning the allocation of resources
››How further operational efficiencies can be gained through a data driven approach
››How to achieve a measurable competitive advantage
through the use of emerging innovative technology

Simplifying insight into Oil & Gas

The right data can provide a wealth of information and insight. The problem is finding it in the blizzard of business content. Over 80% of data is unstructured and even structured data can typically be disparate and inaccurate. The Automated Information Retrieval (AIR) technology behind our innovative analytics solution solves these problems by automatically structuring data to improve the insights you can gain into the data present across your energy company.

Our Analytics Solution – Why it’s Uniquely Different

››Works with dirty, incomplete and unstructured data. Just use the raw data: no need to cleanse data or spend time building predictive models.
›› Automatically classifies & structures data. Allowing you to make use of the vast volumes of unstructured data that exists across your business.
››Works in Real Time. Assimilate new internal or 3rd party data sources as soon as they become available without the need for a costly solution overhaul.
››Specifies actionable solutions. Providing you with a range of meaningful, actionable answers to your issues. Gives you increased confidence in significant business decisions.

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