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22 May

Warwick Analytics to show automated predictive analytics for VoC data at Customer Experience World

Warwick Analytics will be showing their latest PrediCX software for the first time at Customer Experience World 2017. PrediCX automatically generates actionable insight from both structured data and the unstructured Voice of Customer (“VoC”) data such as complaints, reviews, surveys, enquiries and social media.

Customer experience executives need to constantly understand how things are changing, in new or existing products and services as well as changes in customer expectations and competition. Current VoC analytics can provide some directional capability such as satisfaction scores and topic trends, but quantifying the detailed topics, let alone finding their predictive factors was not previously possible.

PrediCX changes this. Its unique capability is a live early warning system of VoC insight, classified in a consistent and accurate way. As well as quantifying what is happening in the business and the sentiment of those topics, PrediCX can generate further predictive models to identify the drivers of those insights and their financial impact. It helps operational users quickly prioritise and solve issues, and helps CX and marketing executives identify revenue and cost-saving opportunities as well as take strategic decisions regarding investment and customer journey enhancements.

PrediCX overcomes the many challenges associated with analysing VoC data. Whilst there are plenty of customer experience solutions with sophisticated text analytics, classifying the various complex topics that customers talk about in a consistent and reliable way requires intensive human intervention. This typically means that there are analysts whose job it is to classify data, either by building dictionaries and rules with key terms, or by manually classifying for machine learning. Both techniques are laborious, can be quickly out-of-date, and can miss new issues if new terminology isn’t pre-empted.

PrediCX features two key technologies developed over a decade of academic research. Firstly AIR (Automated Information Retrieval) extracts all of the possible topics and associated sentiment from the raw data. Secondly OL (Optimized Learning) takes this rich output from AIR and uses it to generate predictive models. Crucially, OL ‘asks’ users for specific input for validation where it needs it to optimise performance.

As a result, PrediCX can automatically classify Voice of Customer data to a high degree of accuracy with minimal user input. And because it’s accessed via an API (cloud or on-premise) it can be easily deployed and operationalized. As well as early warning, use cases such as handling complaints, queries and even warranty and insurance claims can also be automated to an optimal degree. It can also be applied to internal stakeholder voice such as technicians and front-line staff.

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26 Apr

Warwick Analytics shortlisted for International Auto Finance Network Award

We are delighted that Warwick Analytics has been shortlisted for an International Auto Finance Network (IAFN) Award, the winners of which will be announced in London on May 23rd.

The IAFN Awards celebrate excellence and innovation within the automotive leasing and lending industries.

Organisations and individuals may be nominated for achievements in operations management, leadership, customer service, competitive performance, or innovation.

Warwick Analytics was nominated for its’ automated predictive analytics software that enables the auto industry to automatically transform data to improve their predictive maintenance and warranty capabilities.

The 2017 Awards will be announced at this year’s IAFN awards dinner on 23 May 2017 at the Hilton Tower Bridge. This takes place in the evening after the IAFN Conference.


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11 Apr

Warwick Analytics to headline at Customer Experience World 2017

Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics will be presenting the latest in predictive analytics for customer experience at Customer Experience World 2017, May 23/24, London.

They will also be launching their new software PrediCX at the event. PrediCX is disruptive predictive analytics software designed especially for customer experience. It automatically generates actionable insight from both structured data and the unstructured Voice of Customer (“VoC”) data such as complaints, reviews, surveys, enquiries and social media.

Customer Experience World is the most advanced customer experience event available for all CX professionals.

Brand new for 2017, the event is introducing Customer Outcome Based Thinking. This is the new wave of Customer Experience and it takes the customer to the centre of the company in a way that has never been seen before

At the most advanced UK conference in this field, let’s look at some of the topics to be tackled head on:

  • Discover the latest methods emerging to understanding the Successful Customer Outcomes
  • Understand the umbrella strategies that only 1% of organisations use to create a CX leadership position
  • Identify the resources that will help you to create the thinking patterns to build a CX strategy that will keep you ahead of the game.
  • Identify early indicators needed to keep your company on course

Next practice strategies don’t emerge by listening and following leaders in your field. They emerge by challenging accepted norms.

The research shows that a modest increase in customer experience at a typical $1 billion company can earn an average of $827 million in additional revenues over three years.
Source, Temkin Group

Our speakers represent many of the world’s leading organisations in the Customer Experience industry, and will lead exclusive insights into:

  • Digital
  • Experience
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Critical success factors for Digital Leadership
  • Tactics for bringing it all together
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31 Mar

Warwick Analytics to Chair Automotive Warranties, Munich

Warwick Analytics is delighted to be announced as Chair of the 5th Annual Automotive Warranties, 16th & 17th May, Munich, Germany.

Every year this event brings together the key players in the automotive warranty value chain including OEM’s, suppliers, dealers and third party warranty providers, that are creating warranty programmes and practices that drive customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

The goal is to provide businesses with insights to help improve their warranty programs and achieve customer satisfaction while generating business revenue.

Through the best mixture of strategic insights, case studies, workshops and panel discussions you will walk away with clear ideas on how to ensure continuous product improvement and stay ahead of the competition in today’s environment. Remember, in this environment customer satisfaction and cost control are the key to success.

Key topics this year include:

•    New approaches to warranties for modern vehicles, including connected cars and electric vehicles
•    Improved relationships along the warranty stakeholder value chain
•    Ways to reduce claim fraud through optimized processes
•    Using warranty, goodwill and extended warranty as a tool to satisfy your customer
•    Strategic insights to manage and prevent recall
•    Finding the best approaches for warranty audits
•    Coping with new global regulations and EU law


See the full Automotive Warranties event overview with details on how to book here.

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29 Mar

Warwick Analytics in the Press: Data Informed

New research from Warwick Analytics, on the use of analytics by Data Scientists in the UK, has been published by Data Informed. The research was carried out amongst 70 leading UK data scientists working across a range of commercial sectors, including finance, retail, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing.

The research shows that the number of data scientists in the UK looks to grow by around 50 percent in 2017. However, skilled resources are scarce and a key constraint is the amount of time data scientists manually spend processing data. This means that the key to unlocking the full potential of the UK data-science market is not just to train more data scientists, but to speed up a lot of the manual processes that transform and prepare data for analysis.

You can read the full findings here.


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27 Mar

Warwick Analytics in the Press: Data IQ

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics talks to Data IQ about the new kid on the block when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction – New Prescriptive Score. Could NPS be dead?

For executives who truly want to improve customer experience and drive demonstrable results more cost-effectively, there are new technologies and offerings out there to pilot and adopt. One such example is PrediCX from Warwick Analytics which is based on technology spun out of The University of Warwick. Its proprietary algorithms are able to take heterogeneous and unstructured data, such as voice of customer data, without cleansing and then automatically generate and continuously update the KPIs which drive real results. 

Read the article here.

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10 Mar

Warwick Analytics named as Emerging Innovator in global predictive maintenance report

Warwick Analytics has been named an Emerging Innovator in the Markets and Markets ‘Predictive Maintenance Market – Global Forecast to 2021’.

The key findings of the report are:

  • Predictive Maintenance solutions and services are being increasingly adopted across verticals, such as manufacturing, energy and utilities, and aerospace & defense and have led to the rapid growth of the market, globally.
  • Increasing pressure across verticals to optimize maintenance cost and increase productivity is one of the major factor driving the growth of predictive maintenance solutions and services.
  • Emergence of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and big data have led to significant increase in data collected from different assets, thus aiding the growth of predictive maintenance solutions and services.
  • Increase spend in IT across different verticals in the emerging markets, such as APAC and MEA, is expected to drive the adoption of predictive maintenance solutions and services.
  • Rising demand for real-time streaming analytics is likely to create huge opportunities for predictive maintenance vendors.
  • Integrating predictive maintenance solutions with wide range of complex equipment is a major challenge faced by predictive maintenance vendors in the global market.


In the report, innovators are vendors who have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors.

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10 Mar

Warwick Analytics in the Press: Business Life (British Airways)

Warwick Analytics has been featured in a report by the British Airways Business Life Magazine after being selected for the Hangar 51 accelorator programme.

The feature reviews the four young British companies hoping to shake up the aviation industry with a range of innovative tools, products and services, developed as part of a new accelerator programme at British Airways’ parent company, International Airlines Group (IAG).

The accelerator, named Hangar 51, provides the startups with a ten-week intensive programme, where they can trial their products globally and receive mentorship from IAG’s senior management team.

You can read the full article here Business Life Article - Hangar 51


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