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23 Jun

Warwick Analytics selected for final of Virgin Trains PlatformX programme

Virgin Trains has been on the hunt for innovative businesses ready to scale and help solve real challenges in the rail industry.

After receiving hundreds of applications, this was whittled it down to sixteen shortlisted businesses. The founders of these businesses were then invited to pitch to a panel made up of judges from Virgin Trains and the Department for Transport.

Virgin Trains were blown away by the quality of the entrants, the ideas and the ground-breaking solutions. However there can only be eight finalists – two in each category – and we’re thrilled to be one of them.

Warwick Analytics will take place in a five-week accelerator at London King’s Cross station, working together with Virgin StartUp and Virgin Trains to grow the businesses. At the end of this program? Another pitch day, but this time we will be pitching to roll out our businesses to thousands of Virgin Train customers and potentially gain access to Virgin Train’s £25m innovation fund.

Warwick Analytics have algorithms in their analytics for customer data that are focused on automating predictive analytics, and provide a predictive early warning system which helps CX professionals, and service managers alike, focus on key emerging hotspots of issues.

You can read the full announcement here

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20 Jun

Warwick Analytics Highly Commended at the International Auto Finance Network (IAFN) Awards.

Warwick Analytics has been Highly Commended at the International Auto Finance Network (IAFN) Awards.

The IAFN Awards celebrate excellence and innovation within the automotive leasing and lending industries.

Organisations and individuals may be nominated for achievements in operations management, leadership, customer service, competitive performance, or innovation.

Warwick Analytics was nominated for its’ automated predictive analytics software that enables the auto industry to automatically transform data to improve their predictive maintenance and warranty capabilities.

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20 Jun

Warwick Analytics comes 2nd in Eurostar Innovation Pitch Finale

Train company Eurostar has begun its search for some of the continent’s most disruptive startups to find ways the latest AI, machine learning and data innovations could help it to improve its processes.

London-headquartered Eurostar International, which runs the Eurostar network between London, Paris and Brussels, put out a call for startups and entrepreneurs across the tech spectrum who might be able to utilise their innovations to improve the operator’s processes.

Warwick Analytics made the final shortlist and was invited to  to pitch their business ideas to venture capitalists and industry figures at the Vivatechnology show in Paris last week.

Warwick Analytics were delighted to win 2nd place in the pitch battle.

Eurostar has said it is looking for companies who can help support its next phase of growth, improving passenger experience and understanding of passenger flows as the operator continues to add further destinations to its network.

In particular, the company is looking for startups which can provide predictive and real-time insight into passenger flows at stations in an effort to reduce overcrowding and encourage more passenger-centered designs.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have also been highlighted as potential areas that its processes could benefit, with personalised customer interactions and recommendations across its operations providing opportunities to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Explaining the thought process behind the initiative, Eurostar’s website states: “Excellence in service is a key pillar of Eurostar’s values.

“Customer expectations are high, and as we increase the number of destinations and customers served, maintaining and improving Eurostar’s customer experience, including understanding and managing potential disruptions, having access to predictive customer flow and analysis in real time, automating ticket control are key to enhance performance.”


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20 Jun

Warwick Analytics invited to be part of London Midland accelerator programme

London Midland has officially opened its innovation centre at iCentrum on Birmingham’s Aston Science Park.

Labs by London Midland brings together ten of the UK’s hottest technology start-ups to work as partners in developing solutions that improve rail journeys. And the £1/4 million investment is already producing results.

Six of the first ten start-up companies have already had their ideas taken forward by the train company and Warwick Analytics was one of the chosen few.

Commenting on the opening of London Midland Labs, the train company’s managing director, Patrick Verwer said:

“Today marks a new era for improving rail journeys. At London Midland we are committed to making travel simple; creating simply better journeys for everyone. Technology has a massive part to play in making this happen. That is why we have invested in Labs by London Midland and why we are investing in some of the best new talent in the UK technology sector.”

The London Midland Labs is unique in the rail industry. It forms part of the train operator’s ongoing commitment to investing in innovative technologies that have tangible and timely passenger benefits. The Labs Accelerator Programme has been pioneered and created to continue to deliver on London Midland’s commitment to bringing it closer to all the communities it serves.

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16 Jun

Warwick Analytics in the Press: CX Magazine

3 Ways in Which Predictive Analytics Technology Can Get You More from Your VoC Data

When surrounded by an ever growing amount of customer data, how can you really be sure you are acting on the right feedback at the right time for the right people?

In this article Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics discusses 3 ways in which the latest innovations in predictive analytics can help you do just that.

Read the full article here

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07 Jun

Warwick Analytics invited to showcase predictive analytics at McKinsey’s 11th Annual POBOS Roundtable

Warwick Analytics has been invited to showcase their automated predictive analytics technology at McKinsey’s 11th annual POBOS Executive Roundtable, which will take place on June 27 (evening) to June 29, 2017 in Milan, Italy.

The POBOS Executive Roundtable is an annual gathering exclusive to Manufacturing executives that provides the opportunity to gain insights into the best practices and innovations that are driving excellence in manufacturing and operations.

This edition of the POBOS Roundtable will be hosted by Bayer Pharmaceuticals at its site in Garbagnate and will reflect the topic of “Digital and Advanced Analytics in Operations”. During the roundtable, attendees will jointly examine approaches and reflect on experience in how digital and advanced analytics-enabled methodologies can be leveraged to unleash the next wave of impact in industrial operations.

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics says: “It’s a great privilege to be invited to this event. Our automated predictive analytics software is revolutionising the way that manufacturing firms analyse their data and so it’s a great opportunity to showcase it in front of so many industry professionals.”

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05 Jun

Warwick Analytics invited to pitch at VivaTechnology 2017

Warwick Analytics has been selected to pitch at VivaTech 2017. Viva Technology is one of a kind, an exhibition of the most innovative products and services, with unique opportunities for startups, especially through networking opportunities with large corporations and investors.

Viva Technology has also brought back its popular Challenges platform this year and Warwick Analytics has been successful is being selected for one of the 19 thematic Labs at the event.

The 300+ sessions planned across Viva Tech’s main stage and three thematic stages will cover a large range of topics from quantum computing to the future of retail, focusing on subjects that are both important to the future of business transformation, innovation, the global economy and society as a whole.

This year’s objective is also to welcome more than 50,000 visitors, including 5,000 startups, and bring them together with large international companies from a wide range of industries, and sectors and investors from all over the world, to give them a unique opportunity to initiate and develop successful, long-term collaborations.

Viva Technology 2017 is supported by its platinum partners BNP Paribas, Google, Orange, and La Poste, who are deeply involved in both the organization and overall success of the event.

In addition, Viva Technology’s Gold partners, Accor Hotels, Airbus, Air France, Carrefour, Cisco, ENGIE, LVMH, ManpowerGroup, PMU, RATP Group, Sanofi, Sodexo, SNCF, Groupe TF1, Valeo, and Vinci Energies will champion open innovation and collaboration between startups and large groups at Viva Technology by hosting labs and where selected startups will explore solutions to some of their most pressing business challenges.

Viva Technology is an event dedicated to helping startups grow. We expect to welcome 5,000 startups to this year’s event. From newcomers to established unicorns, everyone will have the chance to collaborate and grow their business. From one-on-one meetings with investors, inspiring panels and keynotes by other entrepreneurs or pitch competitions organized by major international companies, opportunities for growth will be numerous.


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22 May

Warwick Analytics to show automated predictive analytics for VoC data at Customer Experience World

Warwick Analytics will be showing their latest PrediCX software for the first time at Customer Experience World 2017. PrediCX automatically generates actionable insight from both structured data and the unstructured Voice of Customer (“VoC”) data such as complaints, reviews, surveys, enquiries and social media.

Customer experience executives need to constantly understand how things are changing, in new or existing products and services as well as changes in customer expectations and competition. Current VoC analytics can provide some directional capability such as satisfaction scores and topic trends, but quantifying the detailed topics, let alone finding their predictive factors was not previously possible.

PrediCX changes this. Its unique capability is a live early warning system of VoC insight, classified in a consistent and accurate way. As well as quantifying what is happening in the business and the sentiment of those topics, PrediCX can generate further predictive models to identify the drivers of those insights and their financial impact. It helps operational users quickly prioritise and solve issues, and helps CX and marketing executives identify revenue and cost-saving opportunities as well as take strategic decisions regarding investment and customer journey enhancements.

PrediCX overcomes the many challenges associated with analysing VoC data. Whilst there are plenty of customer experience solutions with sophisticated text analytics, classifying the various complex topics that customers talk about in a consistent and reliable way requires intensive human intervention. This typically means that there are analysts whose job it is to classify data, either by building dictionaries and rules with key terms, or by manually classifying for machine learning. Both techniques are laborious, can be quickly out-of-date, and can miss new issues if new terminology isn’t pre-empted.

PrediCX features two key technologies developed over a decade of academic research. Firstly AIR (Automated Information Retrieval) extracts all of the possible topics and associated sentiment from the raw data. Secondly OL (Optimized Learning) takes this rich output from AIR and uses it to generate predictive models. Crucially, OL ‘asks’ users for specific input for validation where it needs it to optimise performance.

As a result, PrediCX can automatically classify Voice of Customer data to a high degree of accuracy with minimal user input. And because it’s accessed via an API (cloud or on-premise) it can be easily deployed and operationalized. As well as early warning, use cases such as handling complaints, queries and even warranty and insurance claims can also be automated to an optimal degree. It can also be applied to internal stakeholder voice such as technicians and front-line staff.

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26 Apr

Warwick Analytics shortlisted for International Auto Finance Network Award

We are delighted that Warwick Analytics has been shortlisted for an International Auto Finance Network (IAFN) Award, the winners of which will be announced in London on May 23rd.

The IAFN Awards celebrate excellence and innovation within the automotive leasing and lending industries.

Organisations and individuals may be nominated for achievements in operations management, leadership, customer service, competitive performance, or innovation.

Warwick Analytics was nominated for its’ automated predictive analytics software that enables the auto industry to automatically transform data to improve their predictive maintenance and warranty capabilities.

The 2017 Awards will be announced at this year’s IAFN awards dinner on 23 May 2017 at the Hilton Tower Bridge. This takes place in the evening after the IAFN Conference.


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11 Apr

Warwick Analytics to headline at Customer Experience World 2017

Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics will be presenting the latest in predictive analytics for customer experience at Customer Experience World 2017, May 23/24, London.

They will also be launching their new software PrediCX at the event. PrediCX is disruptive predictive analytics software designed especially for customer experience. It automatically generates actionable insight from both structured data and the unstructured Voice of Customer (“VoC”) data such as complaints, reviews, surveys, enquiries and social media.

Customer Experience World is the most advanced customer experience event available for all CX professionals.

Brand new for 2017, the event is introducing Customer Outcome Based Thinking. This is the new wave of Customer Experience and it takes the customer to the centre of the company in a way that has never been seen before

At the most advanced UK conference in this field, let’s look at some of the topics to be tackled head on:

  • Discover the latest methods emerging to understanding the Successful Customer Outcomes
  • Understand the umbrella strategies that only 1% of organisations use to create a CX leadership position
  • Identify the resources that will help you to create the thinking patterns to build a CX strategy that will keep you ahead of the game.
  • Identify early indicators needed to keep your company on course

Next practice strategies don’t emerge by listening and following leaders in your field. They emerge by challenging accepted norms.

The research shows that a modest increase in customer experience at a typical $1 billion company can earn an average of $827 million in additional revenues over three years.
Source, Temkin Group

Our speakers represent many of the world’s leading organisations in the Customer Experience industry, and will lead exclusive insights into:

  • Digital
  • Experience
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Critical success factors for Digital Leadership
  • Tactics for bringing it all together
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