05 Sep

SigmaGuardian Early Warning and Prevention 2.0 released

SigmaGuardianThe latest version of SigmaGuardian Early Warning and Prevention (EWAP), which automatically analyses data to give early indications of future quality issues in a manufacturing process, has been released by Warwick Analytics.

The core algorithm in SigmaGuardian EWAP continually searches through the raw data from the manufacturing process, however incomplete, disparate and dirty to identify the root causes of faults both inside the factory and in warranty. Because the algorithms are based on ‘information theory’ and they are non-statistical, they can detect and resolve issues early, even before they are statistically significant.

Crucially, no hypotheses are needed and it doesn’t matter if parameters are within their control tolerances or not: SigmaGuardian will still find the root cause of ‘clash’ or ‘stack’ tolerances which would otherwise not be picked up by MES or SPC systems. Six Sigma manufacturing can truly become a cost-effective reality.

For example, routine issues in an automotive OEM such as squeaks & rattles, No Fault Found electrical issues, supply-chain issues and even drivetrain problems can be resolved on the fly rather than by using manual or statistical techniques where even defining the problem clearly can be a challenge. It can be applied to any industry – discrete or continuous manufacturing.

The new version of SigmaGuardian EWAP features additional dashboards for different job functions so that Quality, Warranty, Manufacturing, Engineering, IT and C-Level users can view and resolve the areas that concern them, and set bespoke alerts and alarms.

Another key development is ‘Dynamic Region Validation’. Solutions (also known as ‘fault regions’ i.e. the combinations of parameters causing the issue) are automatically validated as more data comes in to trigger alerts and alarms above certain thresholds configurable on volume, certainty and cost. This can mean that even ‘sleeper’ issues which build up before they can be spotted can now be obviated at the earliest possible time.

Finally, the in-built read-only database allows SigmaGuardian EWAP to be deployed out-the-box and without any extensive IT involvement. The system is deployed on a separate standalone server which can read, import and analyse data from other disparate systems one at a time e.g. testing data, electrical data and supplier data so that it can be deployed incrementally if required. It can read all mainstream third-party testing and manufacturing systems and databases out-of-the-box.

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics says: “Through our significant investment in product development, our SigmaGuardian software continues to revolutionise how manufacturers can enhance their productivity and focus their resources effectively, rather than continually fighting fires.”


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