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Y is a flexible and powerful predictive analytics package proven to be more powerful than other techniques.

Y-Analytics is the product suite aimed at marketing and consumer-focused use cases. It can be used for a variety of analyses such as: Dynamic customer segmentation; Churn prediction and reduction; Customer behavior; Customer Lifetime Value; Product cross-sell and upsell; Optimising in-store yield; Online keyword and Adword optimization; Sales Forecasting; Predicting fraud and error; Linking with social media and competitive intelligence to provide dynamic insight.

Understand the voice of the customer (VoC),
customer journey and customer behaviour.


Optimize the spend of each shopper whether instore or online.


Improve customer experience & reduce abandonment.


Automatically segments customers from heterogeoneous data.

More about each product

PrediCX is a revolutionary product which can automatically extract actionable insight from “Voice of Customer” (or “VoC”) type data. It is easy to set up, does not cleanse data, does not need to rely on domain-specific dictionaries or hypotheses, and it is focused on predictive, actionable output.
wa_care-03-01The ability to be able to harvest and analyse data such as CRM data, reviews, engineer logs, complaints, enquiries, surveys, social media etc to provide actionable insight is a holy grail for marketers and customer services executives. There is currently no other Voice of Customer (VoC) solution which automatically extracts actionable insight such as how/when/why customers are using the product, what are the factors causing good or bad feeling, predicts how they will act, and where are the areas to focus on. Until now.

Non-statistical based technology that will structure and automatically classify any type of data, in real-time, to produce tangible call to actions on how to improve, monitor and be pro-active with your customers’ journeys and improve your customer interactions.

With PrediCX you can:
✔ Automatically structure all free text information from multiple channels and understand what is being said in real-time.
✔ Get root cause analysis of why things are being said as well as receive actionable solutions to either solve for negative sentiments or perpetuate
positive sentiments.
✔ Understand the customer journey and how events impact the journey both positively and negatively – offering predictive analysis for management to prevent further repeats and a real-time monitoring solution to flag impactful events before they even happen.
✔ Get real-time feedback to call centre staff to maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities while on a conversation with a customer.


Allows retailers to optimize the spend in each shoppers basket – whether instore or online.


Improve your customers overall experience and dynamically drive SEO. Reduce abandonment by identifying bottlenecks and likely fall out points in your shoppers experience.


This module automatically segments customers from heterogeoneous data. It has a multitude of business applications across the different areas of the business shown, ultimately to improve marketing decisions and maximize the return on investment of marketing and customer retention spend. It is based on the Explanatory Analysis workflow and the RCASE algorithm. Also shown in the Sales & Marketing area are Web Optimizer and Basket Optimizer which are specific to those eponymous use cases. They are based on the Explanatory Analysis workflow and also Association Rules workflow too.

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