Auto Tagging Customer Feedback

Most contact centers and help desks rely on tags (aka Disposition or Wrap-Up Codes)
which agents use to classify customer feedback. This process can be laborious
and is rarely done consistently. The result is poor insight, lost time for
ACW or After-Call Work, and up to 10% or more of the overall Average Handling Time (AHT).

PrediCX can provide accurate Auto Tagging to automatically label data and categorize it correctly.
By auto tagging every customer interaction and feedback with PrediCX’s AI
and machine learning, companies can generate invaluable and accurate insights about their
products and services, reduce churn rate, free up agent time and increase accuracy and consistency.

How PrediCX auto tags your Customer Feedback


Choice of Tags & Channels

Customer feedback can be auto tagged, categorised and mapped across multiple channels such as calls, emails, live chat, social media, complaints and reviews. You can also create as many tags as you like with sub- tags for each category and each record can have as many tags as relevant. The tags can have a logical name to them to help selection and a relevant taxonomy for the tags can be set up.


Self-training Auto Tagging

Using PrediCX, a non- technical user creates and trains models using the appropriate tags for each piece of text. This model is instantly operational and can be easily curated to stay up to date.


Multi-topic labelling

PrediCX has Multi-label Capability which means it can identify and classify multiple sentiments and intents within a single piece of customer feedback.


Real time Auto Tagging

PrediCX’s auto tagging operates in near real time, 24 x 7, so any issues or early warnings can be detected quickly and the appropriate measures or response put in place. Dealing with issues promptly is key for improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

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