Training Chatbots

Train your chatbot effectively and minimise the human input required with our latest machine learning for chatbots.


Chatbots are a way to enhance the customer experience and save time and costs for everyone. Yet the Containment Rates (i.e. the ability to avoid passing off to a human) for chatbots can be suboptimal for many situations. The limiting factor here is the capability to classify customer intent correctly. People ask new queries all the time, and find ways to ask for the same query in different ways. It is also difficult for many companies with chatbots to know which part of knowledge base to build out further, or other key parts of the customer journey.

PrediCX makes it easy and highly efficient to classify the intent of customer queries and also to understand which parts of the knowledge base or other response to automate next (e.g. querying a customer transaction database or asking further diagnostic questions). The training of the chatbot is made the most effective by minimising the human input required to maximise the performance of the machine learning models which drive the classification of the chatbot. And the best thing is that it constantly updates to customers’ requests and keep the performance at the levels required for your business.

Find case studies on how PrediCX is being used to train Chatbots on our resources page

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