Complaint Handling

Transform your complaint handling from an expensive and reactive experience into an opportunity for improved customer experience.

Using our latest machine learning for Complaint Handling software PrediCX, complaints can be turned into great opportunities for learning and/or converting negative feedback into positive customer advocacy.

Text-based complaints can be long and complex, containing many topics and themes. PrediCX uses the latest in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically classify key concepts in the text data, enabling:

– Accurate classification of incoming queries, matching them with the ‘next best response’, be it a resolution, a request for further clarification of the query, or re-direction to an agent where necessary

– Automation of insight and mapping of ‘hotspots’, speeding up future resolution

– Early warning of issues flagged in complaint handling, allowing proactive resolution

– Non-data scientists to extract clear and actionable insight

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