Call Center Analytics & Call Center Automation

Lower your costs, augment your agents, and improve
satisfaction – digital concierge services, high-performing
chatbots, and even query automation is possible,
using PrediCX as the call center automation engine.

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Our AI-powered classification models automatically and accurately tags all contact center feedback in near-real time using ‘concepts’, not keywords, to drive process automation, and early warning insight.

PrediCX – Complete call center automation and analytics


Automation Resolution

Common queries can be phrased
in a multitude of ways so we automatically label
concepts, not keywords. Also featuring multi-topic labelling for multiple sentiments and intents in a single piece of feedback.


Digital Concierge

Improve your Right First Time
Resolutions drastically, by directing
queries to the best channel in
the first instance


Intelligent Chatbots

Conversational AI – use PrediCX to
deliver a truly human chatbot experience.
Reduce call center volume and
increase your customer satisfaction!

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