Sentiment Analysis

PrediCX automatically labels and classifies your text data just as a human might.

Don’t miss out on valuable Sentiment Analysis. Understanding context, emotion, and sentiment in consumer data is one of the most powerful tools for text analysis of customer data. However, it is easily lost in the huge amounts of text data contained in reviews, complaints, surveys and social media. Furthermore, traditional rules-based and keywords based text analysis lack the capability to accurately classify sentiment and context.

PrediCX is a super charged labelling engine that automatically classifies data where there’s a lot of text. PrediCX will label concepts rather than rules/keywords, automating Sentiment Analysis so you know exactly what your customers are thinking in near-real time.

Our Sentiment Analysis tool will figure out common patterns, which are potentially a lot more than single keywords, and takes into consideration sentence positioning, context through associated qualifiers, and whether they are nouns or verbs, just as a human might.

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