Date: 10th December, 2019 (14:00 p.m. GMT) | Location: Online Webinar

Register today to learn how you can use our omnichannel analytics to define, and refine, your channel strategy.

  • Identify which channels your customers are best suited to – and which work best for specific types of interaction.
  • Understand the causes of channel failure and what drives customers to switch.
  • Reduce customer effort by delivering service in the customer’s preferred channel first-time.


Recent years have seen a proliferation of channels for customer interactions – and most organisations have focused simply on keeping up with the latest addition. But the more channels you have, the more challenging it is to maintain a coherent customer experience across all of them and to understand how each can best be applied to enrich that experience.

This webinar can help bridge that gap. It focuses on how you can use Ember’s omnichannel analytics to define, and refine, your channel strategy.

Drawing on real-life use cases, Ember’s director of insight and analytics, Lee Mostari, and Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics, will explain how omnichannel analytics can help you to discover what your customers are already telling you, through their actions and behaviour, that you don’t know yet.

Those insights can then help you reduce customer effort, drive efficiencies by eliminating waste contacts and improve the customer experience across all channels.


Lee Mostari

Director of Insights & Analytics, Ember Group

Dan Somers

Director, Warwick Analytics

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