White Paper: Agent empowerment - Replacing CSat pressures with AI

The paper sets out the key issues affecting the use of CSat surveys in contact centers and suggests ways that customer agents can be empowered by, and more fairly measured by, the use of AI.

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Dirty towels, Slow Wi-Fi –
what can you do
to improve your customer


What keeps your customers
coming back – the food,
the ambience, the drinks..?

Airlines and travel

Turn common customer complaints into advocacy, and action common pain points on the customer journey.

Banking and Financial services

Keep on top of customer
concerns, reduce churn, and
find out what drives your
customer loyalty. Find our
specific banking tags here.


Our models can classify
the 3 most common causes of churn
for telco customers,
and much more. Use our early
warning system and reduce
churn exponentially!


Whether it’s your products,
your user experience, or your
customer service, PrediCX will
tell you exactly what it is your
customers love about your brand –
and what they don’t.

Betting and Gaming

How can you deliver
the best customer experience,
while increasing profit from
your subscribers? Use our
models to find out!

Energy And Utilities

The utilities industry is
increasingly digitally driven –
don’t get left behind! Use
our Energy & Utilities models
to ensure your customers
are heard, and their
feedback actioned!

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